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Ruby the Vampire

This is Ruby. I made her for witharubycrown, of an original RP muse. She's a vampire, and a member of Blade's Deacon Frost's House, so she has his glyph on her hoof. My first corset pony, I really enjoyed making her. I can't remember exactly what colours she was rehaired with, but there's two different shades of blond, starlight, caramel and some red hair in the mix.


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Peacock pony custom

A peacock pony custom. Her mane has been rehaired with individual strands from Peacock tail feathers. There's at least 3 strands, all put in individually, in each plug hole. She took three full size feathers to rehair in total, and I don't even know how many hours....

When the light hits her the feathers glitter in green and gold.

She's for sale, £30 plus postage.


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How to bake Sculpey?

Hey there, I am new to pony customizing and am really interested in making sculpted pony customs. I really prefer using Super Sculpey over apoxie clay though and wanted to know the best conditions in which to bake sculpey clay when it is on the toy.

I normally bake sculpey sculptures at 200-215 degrees for 45 min to an hour (depending on its size), but obviously I don't want the toy to melt. I also heard that you can boil sculpey somehow...?

So I guess any tips/tricks that are related to solidifying sculpey on a pony would be really helpful. I've poked around on deviantart and google and haven't found anything particularly helpful. x.x

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Fire Dancer

This pony has been a side project that I've been playing with between other pieces. I'm so very proud of how she turned out. All her flames have been completely flocked! I really love the texture it's given them. She's been rehaired with Electric Banana, Sunset and a mystery red that came in a packet saying "Midnight Black", which it clearly isn't! :lol: Each colour is a different length to give the fire effect.

She's for sale - £35 with free postage anywhere in the world.


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Auburn haired Bee-chan

WoW: Makaya, the troll, and his pet chicken, Bok!

YES! They are finished!

I post again!

These boys have been kicking my butt ( as has the amount of work I've overloaded myself with, but am still determined as hell to only work on in the order of the two ( closed ) commission wait lists I have going at the moment, and my day job, and home stuff, and trying to get my butt to more and more conventions and such ).

But they are finally finished!

This is Makaya, the World of Warcraft troll, in pony form, and his pet chicken, Bok. Both are ~bigbadteddy's WoW characters. He commissioned me some time ago, and was awesomely patient with me, considering how flipping long it took to resculpt this dude!

Makaya started as a My Little Pony G1 Sugarberry. His entire body had to be COMPLETELY covered in Apoxie Sculpt in order for me to even start work on making him even look like a troll. The original body plastic was INSANELY soft. Would not have supported the weight of his armor, ears, hair, chin, cheeks, and tusks. Over the years, he would have sagged and fallen, so for total body support, every single inch of him is covered in Apoxie Sculpt.

Resculpted with Apoxie Sculpt, decorated with Swarovski crystals and some random pretty stone I had in my collection of gems and jewelers stones. NO idea what it's called. Painted in simple FolkArt and Apple Barrel craft acrylics, sealed with a matte varnish, and a glossy varnish on his eyes, inside of his nostrils, and on his tusks near his mouth.

Rehaired with a blend of Napalm and Butterfly from

Bok is COMPLETELY sculpted, top to bottom, with Apoxie Sculpt.

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Most shots are done in my backyard, but the food shots? Hot Dog Johnny’s, in Buttzville, NJ! My favorite hot dog joint in ALL of New Jersey!
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three new customs

I've been pretty busy with pony commissions lately. I've completed commissions to make a P!nk pony, a Joker pony and a beer themed pony. At the moment I'm working on a commission for a Michael Jackson pony, then when that's completed I'm taking a break to work on a couple of personal projects, including making a Daryl Dixon pony \o/ Then I'll pick up a couple of other commissions that I have ^_^

I'll put a preview under the cut, and if you want to see more, you can see them over at kez_designs

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First time custom- please help!

 Hi guys!  Hope this is allowed. =)
I've only very recently taken an interest in MLP, after getting into the new cartoon, "Friendship is Magic."  Hasbro has done a half-ass  job with the toys, they look nothing like the characters.  Not only that, but I really wanted to see a toy of one of my favorite characters, "Nightmare Moon."  So, I've decided to try my hand at customizing one.

I've finally managed to get the hair off with a combination of boiling, prying, and cutting, which has left a bit of a mess on the pegs which held the hair in place.

Not only that, but this doll isn't really designed for regular "hair," so I'm not sure how to continue if I want to add brushable hair to it.  Someone suggested spacking epoxy into the hair groove to make plugs before it dries, but I'm not sure how that would work.
(She looks a bit messy because I had tried to paint her earlier before someone gave me the idea to boil the pieces apart.)

I'm also curious how you guys get your paint to look so neat- I've been using acrylic paint in coats, but it still ends up showing the brush strokes.  What's the secret to an even, non-streaked coat?